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Sports Cardiology

HeartScan’s sports cardiology programme provides members of the public with an expert and high quality screening service with the aim of detecting, where possible, certain undiagnosed heart conditions that can lead to sudden cardiac death (SCD).

Whilst this screening service is aimed particularly at young adults (aged 14 - 35) who are involved in sporting activities there is no upper age limit for people who wish to be screened.

HeartScan uses non-invasive, painless tests to help identify conditions that can lead to an increased risk of early sudden cardiac death.

The results are analysed and reported by Dr. Antoinette Kenny, Consultant Cardiologist and sports cardiology expert.  If an abnormality is detected then Dr. Kenny will contact you and provide information and advice regarding any additional tests or specialist referral that may be recommended.*

HeartScan screening appointments are available throughout the week including evenings and weekends.

What is the Problem?

There are some heart conditions that can cause sudden cardiac death at a young age.

These disorders include conditions such as cardiomyopathy and abnormalities of the heart's electrical circuits.

Sudden cardiac death in young adults usually occurs during exercise or sport.

Heart screening programmes in athletes have been shown to save lives.


*In exceptional circumstances (such as Dr Kenny's illness or injury) the results might be reviewed and/or reported by another suitably qualified member of the HeartScan team.


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