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World Heart Day 2018 – a promise for my heart, your heart and all our hearts - Heartscan

It is estimated that 17.5 million deaths are caused by cardiovascular disease each year. For World Heart Day this year, the World Heart Federation has chosen the theme of promises – promises for ‘my heart, your heart and all our hearts’, to raise awareness of the disease and the role of lifestyle choices in protecting against it.

Taking responsibility for lifestyle changes that will have a positive impact on your heart health is something we also strongly believe in. We thought we’d get involved this World Heart Day by making our own promises (and making them clear for all to see!), so here’s what the HeartScan team said!


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Antoinette Kenny, HeartScan founder

“To make my third attempt of tacking the couch to 5K successful this year- no more excuses!!”

Barry Cumberledge, Chief Physiologist

“Having completed my 35th Great North Run I have promised my sons that I will complete 50! even if that’s in a chair!”

Charlie Wainwright, Business Associate

“I will walk the extra mile when I’m exercising my dogs.”

Isabella Slater, Marketing Assistant

“To do some form of exercise at least 4 days a week that will raise my heart rate, such as running around my local park or using the bikes at the gym. I’ll also try to eat my ‘5 a day’ more consistently.”

Alice Weatherston, Blog Content Writer

“To increase my level of running through regular training so that I can take part in a 10K race by the end of the year – Mo Farah I’m coming for ya!”


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